About Us

Since 2013, The Iranian Manian Teb Gostar company started producing disposable medical wear such as non sterile

clothing, gowns, surgical drapes and disposable sterile surgical packs.
From the beginning this company kept in mind the sensitivity and importance of the task at hand, hence its endeavors to improve quality and innovation in the disposable medical wear industry have always been a priority and it has made effective points in this field.
The Manian Teb company has more than 50 staff members in a setting with 4000 square meters and a 2000 square meter production building, it obeys the GMP policy and clean-room protocols. With Its use of the quality-special needs system in medical equipment it has gained ISO 13485 from The BRS company. Due to the results of the surveys that show abiding the rules alongside the demands of the management system, it has had the honor of receiving The Guarantee Award.
Because of the importance of disposable medical wear and the growth in the overall use of disposable items, this company has been able to manufacture, produce and offer its products with innovation and pursuant to the worlds latest achievements for the needs and satisfaction of the customers. The variety of products especially the surgical packs are known as a great competitive advantage for this company. Other than variety. a suitable price range, great quality and the use of the latest material and machinery are some of the other characteristics of the products of this company.
Based on Manian Teb company Slogan (your health is our commitment), the company has done its best to reduce and prevent post-surgical and hospital infections and has made the hospital a safe and worry-free environment for patients and even the Staff.
The management and all the staff members in this company guarantee that they have followed all the medical and humane morals in each step of production and they are hopeful that with the support of its loyal customers it can one day become one of the region and worlds most creditable factories.